Magical March

My carnival mask

I love this time of year in the Canary Islands, it is Carnival time, and also the time when the island is carpeted in flowers and plants. Most of the year, after April, the sun burns and bleaches everything in its wake. I was inspired to create Field of Flowers in celebration of Spring, after looking at the work of Textile Artist Gilda Baron.

Field of flowers

On 11th 12th March I put on a workshop teaching the skills of placing ceramic mosaics into wall art. This is the work of one of my students, done over a 6 hour period and an overernight drying time. The second pic is work in progress of my own.

Students Work
Work in Progress
13 March
‘The world around me is alive and buzzing with possibility’
This is today’s quote from  Andrea Schroder’s Creative Dream Incubator:
Yesterday I also listened to her Creative Visualization meditation  ‘ It makes things happen.  Magic things.‘ she says
try it out for yourself: She has certainly put magic into my life

29th March

A  pending trip to Venice with my husband in June has got me in a whirl of excitement.  We often take our holidays in rural settings, so this is a complete change. To calm me down and keep my feet on the ground I re-watched a video of Artist Fay Maxwell’s work, and then tested  some of her gorgeous ideas using  the slash and stitch techniques. What dedication she has, because it took hours of patience to do the machine sewing and cutting. I have hardly managed the embroidery yet.


Wallhangings and Faux finishes

Family of Hearts

Family of Hearts

OMG it is 23 January 2011 already! I have at last finished a 15 piece wall-hanging ‘A Family of Hearts’, the outside Faux stone arch in the courtyard, and a 9 piece wall-hanging ‘Autumn‘ .

small arch

I have also reworked 3 acrylic paintings ‘Urns‘ but they have not developed as expected. I have  struggled to reproduce some Celtic images onto canvas,  and tried out at 3-D embroidery, using household string. I am also in the midst of  planning a Ceramic Mosaic workshop for 4 people  to begin in  March.

String Embroidery

My inquiries into the BA Creative Arts Degree course with OCA have led me to work at finishing all outstanding projects (which number 17) so that I can start as soon as I  receive my first assignment in the post (5 days time).!

My journey with the OCA degree course are recorded in another blog

Creative Genius, Me?

I am inspired by Andrea Schroder of that anyone can become a creative genius. I’ve had little experience, I’ve had a few art lessons, and I don’t have much spare money, but how difficult can it be? She  has a free downloadable workshop on her website and plenty of oompah in her personality.

I have some knowledge of working with fused glass and I’ve had a few lessons in oil and acrylic painting. Another new love since moving to Lanzarote, is working with ceramic tiles; I found thousands of broken ones when my husband & I bought an old villa  to renovate. In between some of the  large renovation jobs and being chief designer, cook and coffee maker, I have been creating large mosaic pictures using those tiles and have adorned the whitewashed walls of our villa and garden with them. I am influenced by the ceramic tile work of Antoni Guadi and Cèser Manrique.  Of course, the earliest known ceramic tile examples are Egyptian, and date from around 4,000 BC but  I  so love the fact that I am decorating, using ideas with a long history, and  I love too, the whole recycling concept.




Ceramic Mosaic table

I drew the palm trees below by hand, in chalk, on my roof terrace. Next I got out my paints and filled it all in, adding a pale blue sky and a darker blue sea. Then, I also added a sandy beach, but before I painted it I glued on some real sand to give it loads of texture. I’ve since added 2 more palm trees.  Now I can swing in my hammock under the shade and dream my creative dreams.

I dream my dreams

I’ve decided with my renewed energy, that I want to fulfil one of my dreams. I want to spend more time being creative. Although I have been working on many art projects, particularly, abstract acrylic art  and ceramic mosaics, over  the last 6 years,  I am drawn to learn  about textile art. I  love the sumptuous, rich colours and textures of fabric and embroidery silks. I want to learn and experience the rich heritage of textile history and want to discover how people, work, play and live with contemporary textiles.