Join me on this Sparkles e course

Jamie Ridler is responsible for inviting creative individuals to create mini- Sparkles.  She hopes people will find the confidence and courage to discover and express their creative spirit, whether that means exploring their artistic self or bringing more of their creative capacity to their life and business. Experiment with me!

Sparkle 1: Say Cheese

Are you smiling yet? Say “cheese”! Today’s task is to grab your camera and take a picture of you. You can take it in the mirror. You can hold the camera out and snap. You can catch your photo in a reflective window. This is a picture of you by you and it marks the beginning of the journey.Here’s who you were when you started to Sparkle!

Its Carnival time here on Lanzarote, so I put on my sparkly carnival mask today to watch the Grand Parade in Costa Teguise. An appropriate moment for a photograph and then a little jiggle in photoshop.

Carnival time

Sparkle 2: Sparkle on the Inside

Take a moment to get comfy.  Take a deep breath and allow your body to relax.  Imagine that there are sparkles all around you.  Each sparkle is a little burst of inspiration and creative energy.  And each time you breath in, you are breathing in these magical sparkles.  Simply notice how it feels as your body begins to fill with the sparkles and spend a little time just appreciating the feeling.  Then allow your body to gently absorb the sparkles and know that you are absorbing all of the inspiration and creativity that you will need today.  No matter where you go or what you do – know that you are a sparkle in this world.  Spend as little or as long as you like gently soaking up the sparkling energy and when you’re ready –  open your eyes and go have a sparkletastic day.

I started the day with sparkling on the inside with this mini meditation. I love anything by Andrea Schroeder, she is an absolute gem in terms of getting creative and she is imbued with inspiration, meditation is priceless.

Andrea Schroeder

ABC Creativity

Andrea is a Creativity Teacher, Coach, Healer and all around Magic Maker.


Sparkle 3: Scribble

Grab a box of crayons.  Or something!  Markers! Pens! Eyeliner! Now turn on some tunes.  The kind that gets you pumpin’–puts the swagger in your step and the twist in your wrist. got  a piece of paper? Are you ready? One, two, three….  Scribble like you did in kindergarten!  Scribble with style–maybe two crayons in your right and one in your left.  Scribble as you sway your body.  Scribble slow.  Scribble fast.  Scribble as if your life counted on it–as if you were scribbling for your country.  Scribble like you are the only one that holds the prestigious title of World Champion Scribbler. when you think you’re done–turn that paper over hot stuff and scribble some more.

I practiced this activity, because I thought it would be fun, but it did nothing to rev up the creative juices. Maybe its my mood today, maybe its my inner adult complaining that this is a childish activity. I don’t know. Maybe another day. But later I was inspired to scribble in mixed media after a walk on the beach looking at sea-weed and tangles of fishing line on the tideline. This is snipped elastic bands dipped in glue then fine sand and couched down with stitches onto a piece of suede.

seaweed bands on sude

Sparkle 4: Different Ways of Experiencing

The act of saying words and hearing the way they flow as opposed to simply reading them on a computer screen always gives me new insights into the tone, pace, and grammatical details. The same is true for an artistic work in progress. My tool for that is to hold up the piece in front of a mirror; the reflective images helps me see where my composition needs adjusting or an area on the panel is calling for attention.  Enjoy your favourite poem three ways:  Read it silently, read it aloud, and then write it by hand on a piece of paper. Enjoy the different ways the words sink into your heart and mind, and notice how they stay with you for the rest of the day.

My favourite Zen  poem for many years, which is simplicity itself and reminds me to be grounded  and be in the moment  with any project is this:

When sitting just sit

When walking just walk

But dont wobble

Sparkle 5

Think colours of the rainbow:  take photos within a few steps of your starting point of red, blue, yellow, green, purple etc.

This was fun! I really enjoyed this activity. I love looking at images in a different way. Instead of the shape and interest factor I was looking at color today. This activity made me get out my sketchbook and look at ways of putting different colours together.

Green paper flowers in a shop in Arrecife

Red wall hanging in my hallway

Purple fabric spotted with bleach

famara 004

Blue skies of Famara Beach, where I visited to write a message in the sand


knitted daffodil

Soft yellow of a knitted daffodil


Sparkle 6: Shine

Begin your sparkle session by getting grounded. Feel your breath. Observe sensations in your body. Light a candle. Turn on your favorite tunes. Have your journal, a favorite magazine, colorful markers , and cup of tea  nearby. Start to pull out a few images that speak to you. Tape or glue them into your journal and then answer these questions by writing over them or around them:

These are Big serious questions to answer as honestly as you can!

1. How does my life sparkle? 

What first came to mind was that when I am with interesting people, working creativity, doing yoga, walking on the beach or spending time in nature I feel my life sparkling. But it made me think why cant I sparkle all the time? I have signed up with Lilou Mace and The 100 day challange to allow more sparkle into my life EVERY MOMENT!

2. In what areas of my life would I like to add more sparkle?

All the time! At especially when I have to work at life as opposed to playing with life

3. What are five things I can do this day, week, or month to be full of sparkle?

  1. do-one-thing-at-a-time with full attention,
  2. plan things with friends
  3. daily yoga,
  4. make time for  fun and creativity
  5. appreciate everything in life

Reflect on the images you chose and the words you wrote. Let the pen continue to move across the page if the muse hits beyond your five minutes. Remember, that as you let your own light shine, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same

Sparkle 7: Centre Yourself

Stand tall. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Feel the length of your spine. Relax your shoulders, and close your eyes. Be with the breath. For the next few minutes you have nothing to worry about. Just be here, now. Be present. Inhale and reach your arms up above the head. Interlace your fingers and turn your palms upwards. Press up with the hands and feel the body stretch, but allow the shoulders to soften. Fill your ribcage with the breath as you inhale, and feel your spine lengthen as you exhale. After ten deep breaths, release the clasp of the hands, hinge forward from the hips into a standing forward bend. Let your arms, head and neck dangle down. Breathe into the stretch at the back of the body and the legs.

Imagine opening a trap door in the middle of your forehead. Let any tension, stress or negativity fall out of you. Let go. After ten deep breaths, curl the tailbone under, draw your belly button towards your spine, and slowly peel yourself up to standing one vertebra at a time with the head being the last thing to come up. Take a deep breath of luscious, vibrant, sparkling energy into the body, and open your eyes.

Annabel Fitzsimmons

ClearSpace Online

Annabel Fitzsimmons is a writer, yoga and Pilates teacher, wife and mom of two young children, and is passionate about sharing resources for healthy living.

Sparkle 10: Get creative in the kitchen!

Ever wish there were more raisins in your cereal? Add more! Want to turn hot chocolate into something special? Grate in some nutmeg or chocolate shavings!

Canned soup boring you? Throw in some extra chicken. How about some frozen peas? Leftover spinach! hate raisin bread? Why not make Craisin bread!

I used to think that food had to be one way. I was not good at thinking out of the box. Yet, I was picky. Nothing made me happy. Nothing was good enough. Now, instead of being angry about it I just ask myself what can I do to change this food for me to like it more? How can I make it more Suzie-friendly? The best part? It does not have to take a lot of time or money. Keep it cheap and simple. Today  take one of your humdrum snacks, drinks or meals and add pizzaz to it! Maybe you will add some hot sauce to your chicken dinner? Pick up some cremini mushrooms for your pasta dish instead of plain old button mushrooms. Hate onions? Try cooking with shallots instead.

Oddly enough this sparkle coincided with my husband searching for truffles in the Lanzarote countryside. We have often seen hordes of locals scouring the ground for this gourment tid bit, in March and early April, but never found anything in the 10 years we have been here. But lo today he found 2! He gave one to his friend Brian, who was foraging with him. Then at home he found a recipe using eggs and he cooked them for supper.

Sparkle 11: Imaginary Hat Shop

The most powerful creative instrument you have is your imagination. Your imagination is your own personal creative playground. One of my favourite ways to create with my imagination is to choose a celebrity or character who represents energy I want to tap into at any given moment.  I once changed the entire course of my day by imagining I was Queen Latifah while riding the streetcar to work. Helpful Tip: Rather than visualize an image of this person, open your eyes and view the world from the perspective of your character. This helps you embody the qualities you are playing with; it brings your creation right into your own sensual experience of the world.

Choose whoever you’d like.  This is your secret creative game.  And, you don’t even have to like the person or character you have chosen.  Ask yourself, Who do I secretly ove to watch, even though it seems to go against everything I stand for? 

Even though these sparkles might only take 5 minutes, some days  they leave me cold and uninterested and I think I just dont have the spare time to read them, practice them and copy and paste them, as well as make comments and upload images.

Sparkle 12: Ride in the River of Your Uniqueness

Today I want you to muse on your Uniqueness.  Think about how every single cell in your body is drenched in only your experiences. Every small or big step that you’ve taken has been a choice ushered slightly by your distinct bloodline.  Every element of your being, beautiful flaws & all, has a story, your story. Lift up your hand & look at your fingertips.  Just like your experiences, your fingerprints are yours alone.  Study them.  Imagine the dips & grooves as valleys & rivers. Let your memories build bridges across them.  Watch as your unique experiences paddle in boats under those bridges.  Some row with ease in the sun, some struggle against a storm, but because you are reading this you have thrived through each & every one of them.  They make you who you are, revel in them.

Capture your uniqueness today!  Pick up your camera, choose a backdrop that best represents your uniqueness & snap an up-close photo of one of your fingerprints against it.  Keep it somewhere as a reminder that you are truly & indefinitely remarkable.

Amanda Oaks

Kind over Matter

Amanda Oaks loves & blogs about Feel Good Nouns over at Kind Over Matter.

Sparkle 15: Embracing Whimsy

Whimsy is a very good playmate. She loves to be creative. She’s not afraid to try new things. Sometimes she’ll jump up and down just for the fun of it.

Embrace Whimsy today. Compliment a stranger just because you like her hat. Buy something vintage ‘cause it’s telling you a story. Drive a different route to work and notice something new to do on the weekend. Walk down your street and make a bouquet of twigs, and leaves, and berry vines. Now pause a little minute and notice how being with Whimsy makes you feel. What grows in you when you spend time with her? Curiosity? Joy? Spontaneity? Gratitude? Tuck these all into your pockets and know that you’ve given your soul the ingredients it needs to nurture your creative spirit.. If you have time, write Whimsy a little thank you note. Prop it up on your mirror. She’ll see it there, I promise.  And she’ll be ever so much more likely to visit you again, now that she knows how much she is welcomed.

May Whimsy greet you at your doorway,
may light footsteps bring you to new discoveries,
and may your creative spirit shine into the darkness.


Sparkle 17: Draw with Your Eyes Closed

Choose a favorite song (about 3 minutes long) and then grab a piece of paper and something to draw with (pencil, pen, crayon, marker, or whatever you have handy.) Start your music, take a deep breath to ground yourself, put your pen to paper, and then close your eyes. You do not need to know how to draw to do this, just let go and allow your pen to move across the page with the music. When the song ends, take another deep breath, open your eyes, and take a look at your scribbles. Ask yourself if you see something in them. Perhaps you see a face, a monster, a flower, a house, or an animal.

Using your pen or something colorful, like colored pencils or markers, begin to pull out what you see, making it more clear. Reflect on whether or not the images you see relate at all to what’s going on in your life. Continue to play with the images as long as you’d like!


Sparkle 22: Sparkle with Panache

Fling your wardrobe doors wide open and with the word ‘panache’ in mind  and an eye towards a dashing flamboyance in style, put together an outfit to wear quickly.  Do not think about what item goes well with another ~ choose your ensemble  as if you were gathering a passionate armful of wildflowers from a field with a glad heart.

Invite an impressionistic  astonishment to reveal itself as you compose an exquisite symphony of colorful clothes ~  perhaps a poppy red cardigan, Prussian blue skirt, saffron stockings and a t~shirt that reminds you of wisteria.  Toss a silvered scarf about your neck and be bold with a lipstick in a drunken claret hue and as an afterthought smudge a glint of gold on your eyelids. Get down on hands and knees and search in the back of the cupboard for those jubilant yellow jazz shoes you bought at a thrift shop but never dared to wear.   Wear them with aplomb.  Add some jingle jangle bangles. Twirl into the bathroom.. Take a self portrait in the mirror and let this be the start of something … beautiful.

My first impression after reading this was ‘is the writer completely mad’. The above character sounds like a mad bag lady who has raided someone’s washing line and smeared on her lipstick, without looking in a mirror. I cant imagine doing this activity and it would not  make me feel in the least bit creative. I feel more creative in my mismatched jim-jams and uncombed hair, early in the morning watching the sun peak over the mountains. Maybe on a later occasion, I will realise the benefit of this sparkle. At this moment in time, I am tempted to do my own more interesting creative pursuits. Perhaps I will list my own sparkles, things that particularly motivate me!



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