Chinese Brush Painting

This Christmas we have no tree, no cards, no fairy lights, and not even a tired piece of tinsel. Despite the kittens general mischievousness and the fact that I have taken down every curtain in the house and hid away my leather dining room chairs for fear of permanent damage, there has not been a kittysecond when I have regretted giving Lolita and La Bamba a home.

Today with the kittens snoozing under the pepper tree. I have been playing with my Christmas present Chinese-Brush-Painting-Sourcebook, and I have bought 10 Chinese brushes from an Oriental specialist shop in Teguise for 19.99 euros. They are contained in a bright red box with an orange silk lining. But is this for display only?  how to tell you have the genuine Chinese brushes, because I am finding they dont seem to have the properties described in the Source book ? I am on a mission to find out more.


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