Jaipur Elephant Festival, India

The choice was, we could spend our savings on a second honeymoom or pay off the car loan. That is why we are  joining Colouricious on a Textile Trip to India.

The  Jaipur Elephant Festival and a Holy week party will be the highlights .  Elephants dressed in gorgeous jhools (saddle cloths) and elaborate  jewellery, tinkling anklets and bright make up, people  sprinkling ‘gulaal’ (colored powder) on the crowds from their  perch on top of the elephant… my camera will be permanently switched on.

Jaipur in  Rajasthan,  sings with buildings of antiquity, tradition and colour, I cant wait to sit in the Palace of the Winds and sleep in a  hotel called the The Home of the Clouds. It may be 259 Kms from Delhi airport and I’ve no idea how long we will have to travel from our  home in Spain to Heathrow, to Delhi and by coach to  our destination, but I am sure I will be going straight to sleep when I get there.

I will enjoy throwing colored powder paints at everyone at The Holi, “Festival of colours”, with  its loud parades, music, and dancing. The festivities mark the beginning of spring and the end of the winter with bonfires and theatrical treats. Nobody is exempt,  if we are on the street we expect to be daubed with paint.


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