Organising April

This month has revolved around planning  and organising

I have been  busy working at my creative arts degree, getting my first assignment sent to my tutor Liz Smith in the UK. I have also been planning for my week in Knebworth in May, doing a workshop with Gwen Hedley at Artvango. We are also planning our trip to Venice for a week in June.  I am  away for the whole of August, so more planning!

My husband has also given me some workshop shelving, which has necessitated a lot of reorganising in my art room

I have posted some of the stitch work that has been developing whilst working on my first assignment:

My garden has also needed a lot of attention this month. The rains of March have made everything grow, including thousands of knee high weeds, enormous beetroots, cabbages and onions. My lovely pepper tree, which  I put in as a sapling 3 years ago, and which is very fast growing, has spread and spread almost reaching the height of our roof terrace. I have also bedded in some more colour amongst the plants, as the sun gets stronger during the year, many colourful plants die off and  it has taken me years to understand what grows well in Canarian climates and what doesn’t.


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