Magical March

My carnival mask

I love this time of year in the Canary Islands, it is Carnival time, and also the time when the island is carpeted in flowers and plants. Most of the year, after April, the sun burns and bleaches everything in its wake. I was inspired to create Field of Flowers in celebration of Spring, after looking at the work of Textile Artist Gilda Baron.

Field of flowers

On 11th 12th March I put on a workshop teaching the skills of placing ceramic mosaics into wall art. This is the work of one of my students, done over a 6 hour period and an overernight drying time. The second pic is work in progress of my own.

Students Work
Work in Progress
13 March
‘The world around me is alive and buzzing with possibility’
This is today’s quote from  Andrea Schroder’s Creative Dream Incubator:
Yesterday I also listened to her Creative Visualization meditation  ‘ It makes things happen.  Magic things.‘ she says
try it out for yourself: She has certainly put magic into my life

29th March

A  pending trip to Venice with my husband in June has got me in a whirl of excitement.  We often take our holidays in rural settings, so this is a complete change. To calm me down and keep my feet on the ground I re-watched a video of Artist Fay Maxwell’s work, and then tested  some of her gorgeous ideas using  the slash and stitch techniques. What dedication she has, because it took hours of patience to do the machine sewing and cutting. I have hardly managed the embroidery yet.


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