Decorative December

Now that I have completed ART EVERY DAY OF NOVEMBER, I am wide open to the creativity right in front of me. I am  fascinated by Suminagashi ( or Japanese floating ink paintings) of which I watched a video clip on Cloth Paper Scissors.


The patterns are the result of coloured inks  floating on  plain water, then  transferred to an absorbent surface like paper  or fabric.  I only have pink and purple ink.  Once the ink was floating on the water, I dipped some watercolour paper onto the surface, removed it, then left it aside to dry.


A key element in Japanses art, which I find utterly compelling, is zakka, which indicates, anything that improves your everyday life. This especially concerns handmade objects. The ideas is to make everything,no matter how mundane or ordinary, into something beautiful. Zakka- style adds extra little special touches to things, from art journals, to crafts, canvases and clothing, walls and gardens, while still maintaining an elegant simplicity.

I have  signed up for the Art Every Day Challenge: The theme for December is AIR, and suggestions include:

  • Get outside and take pictures of the sky at different times of day.
  • *Use hot air in your work. Try blowing wet media with a blower or try encaustic.
  • *Capture the movement of wind in drawing or painting.
  • *Make clouds out of fabric.
  • *Focus on the air or negative space in your work.
  • *Write a poem about the way air feels on your skin.
  • *Turn on a fan and take some fun wind-blown self-portraits.
  • *Create more airspace around you, by clearing out some clutt



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