I’m on a creative roll!

It is almost 3 months since I last blogged! So much has happened. I have come home from my holiday in the beautiful Basque Country, and flew straight to the UK to visit my daughter, who has just had her second baby, a gorgeous boy. Whilst visiting her, I met Cas Holmes the textile artist and visited her house for a day-long, mixed media workshop using recycled fabric and paper and making simple monoprints and cardboard collagraphs. Totally inspiring!

from Cas Holmes workshop

Textile and paper: from a workshop with Cas Holmes

Then I visited my mother in Wales who is 83 years old and has  just obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in  Fine Arts.  She is an inspiration to the whole family as well as woman everywhere. Picture below is part of her final exhibition work, using locally sourced clays and home-made charcoal. Now she is a creative genius.

My mother, Irene's Final Degree Exhibition

At her house, she showed me how to make lino-cuts in exchange for showing her what I had learned from Cas Holmes workshop.

Duck Print from Linocut

Her arts library is extensive and I soaked up as much information as I could about Celtic art and Celtic history, as I want to use the curves and swirling forms of the Book of Kells on some embroidered pieces. Being in her house is uplifting, as not only does she share as much knowledge as she can cram into me, but in every room I see some hand made project she has made or has some project on the go. For example there is an enormous paper machè ball by the front door, which she is developing into an enormous cauldron, so it will be cut in half. ! I love being in her house and being warmed by the  creative embers she generates.

Eagle Print & Linocut

On a visit to the town charity shops, where I love to browse for second hand books and curios, I found a paperback  book in perfect condition  The Art of Annemieke Mein. A bargain at 2 GBP. I bought a stash of embroidery silks, metallic threads, fabric paints and watercolour pencils to take home.

A few days after I got back to the island and spent some time with my neglected husband, cat and dog, I reorganised my art room to accommodate my growing interests. I realised that I have neglected my weekly dose of Andrea Schroder of abccreativity.com, so I downloaded the journal prompts and meditations she so lovingly puts together for free. Now I’m back  home, working in isolation from other artists, teachers or textile exhibitions, I totally need this.

My  friend Julia called to ask me for one of my tiny Art on a Card textile pieces, that I had originally  made as hand made birthday cards for friends. She has collected three of them and has framed them into miniature works of art on her sitting room wall.


With my art-room ready for service, I took the textile piece begun at Cas Holmes workshop and embellished it on the sewing machine, adding a few more ideas… though I am not clear where it is going as a composition!


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  1. susan17
    Jan 25, 2011 @ 15:29:14

    WOW your Mum is such an inspiration, just shows you are never too old!!!!!


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