Journey to Creativity

3 days ago, I logged on to Youtube and learned how to make a collagraph, which basically is a home-made stencil, constructed of lots of different found elements, glued onto a piece of cardboard and then ‘washed’ with pva. 24 hours later when the glue had dried, I cut up some recycled plain  fabric and sprayed it with water. Next I got out my paints and dribbled it on the collagraph and swirled it about. Then I pressed the fabric into the collograph, took it off after a few minutes and let it air-dry.

Now, I’ve stitched  two pieces of the fabric together and laid it on my canvas. This is where it gets really exciting… becausethe journey of discovery is the most fun… and I know I’m going to enjoy it, and learn, learn, learn on the way.

Whilst waiting for inspiration on a grand scale, I went to a sale of nearly new clothes at the local car boot sale (4 items for 1 euro). I chose 12 items, washed and ironed them, and cut them with scissors into smaller pieces of cloth; any buttons I’ve also saved for later. (I spotted a demo on button art and saved it in favourites). Later, I cut up some small pieces of collagraphed canvas and made some mini-art (below) with the recycled fabric, embroidery silks and  my sewing machine.

I’m looking forward to going on holiday in 3 days time, for the  month of august, in the Basque region of Spain.  I will take a small bag of felt, recycled fabrics &  a handful of embroidery silks with me for those quite times. A creative genius doesn’t stop!

with love from Andrea Schroder


Creative Genius, Me?

I am inspired by Andrea Schroder of that anyone can become a creative genius. I’ve had little experience, I’ve had a few art lessons, and I don’t have much spare money, but how difficult can it be? She  has a free downloadable workshop on her website and plenty of oompah in her personality.

I have some knowledge of working with fused glass and I’ve had a few lessons in oil and acrylic painting. Another new love since moving to Lanzarote, is working with ceramic tiles; I found thousands of broken ones when my husband & I bought an old villa  to renovate. In between some of the  large renovation jobs and being chief designer, cook and coffee maker, I have been creating large mosaic pictures using those tiles and have adorned the whitewashed walls of our villa and garden with them. I am influenced by the ceramic tile work of Antoni Guadi and Cèser Manrique.  Of course, the earliest known ceramic tile examples are Egyptian, and date from around 4,000 BC but  I  so love the fact that I am decorating, using ideas with a long history, and  I love too, the whole recycling concept.




Ceramic Mosaic table

I drew the palm trees below by hand, in chalk, on my roof terrace. Next I got out my paints and filled it all in, adding a pale blue sky and a darker blue sea. Then, I also added a sandy beach, but before I painted it I glued on some real sand to give it loads of texture. I’ve since added 2 more palm trees.  Now I can swing in my hammock under the shade and dream my creative dreams.

I dream my dreams

I’ve decided with my renewed energy, that I want to fulfil one of my dreams. I want to spend more time being creative. Although I have been working on many art projects, particularly, abstract acrylic art  and ceramic mosaics, over  the last 6 years,  I am drawn to learn  about textile art. I  love the sumptuous, rich colours and textures of fabric and embroidery silks. I want to learn and experience the rich heritage of textile history and want to discover how people, work, play and live with contemporary textiles.